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Have you ever purchased a Hemp product and felt disappointed with its effects? We have too. That’s why we chose to enter this industry. We recognized a lack of standards and misleading use of scientific terminology that frankly just made us upset. So, we decided to step in. Simply put – we have combined decades of scientific and technical experience and applied it to producing the most effective and reliable water soluble Hemp products on the market today.

Big Foot TechnologyTM  is our revolutionary delivery printing technology that allows for Hemp products to be printed along with other flavor and active ingredients on surfaces in precise doses. How it works? Microcapsules containing the precise amount of ingredients are adhered on surfaces like gum, cookies, chocolate bars and drinking vessels. With the simple addition of water, the printed microcapsules activate releasing the ingredients. This is the cornerstone of our Big Foot Technology repertoire and the backbone to all of the products we offer.

To learn more about our proprietary Big Foot TechnologyTM please email us at info@discoverbigfoot.com.

We strive to be industry revolutionaries and by doing so we specialize in:

Bioavailability • Precision Dosing • Water Soluble

These terms are thrown around a lot by companies within the industry as buzz words, but we take them seriously. When these 3 are combined properly, they produce highly efficacious Hemp products that consumers can actually feel. Our proprietary patented technologies allow consumers to absorb the full benefits of hemp in precise doses. We stand by our ever expanding line of products and will gladly test ours against any other product on the market. Try them for yourself.

Commitment To quality

Here at Big Foot Products we strive to create ONLY high-quality backed by science. We proudly promise to YOU, our customers, that from cultivation to the finished product you will taste and feel nothing but greatness. At Big Foot, we absolutely refuse to cut corners. We believe in the phrase “you are what you eat”, therefore we ensure that only the finest quality sourced materials are used. For health purposes, we ensure all of our products are tested for pesticides and solvent contamination before processing, packaging and shipping.


Bioavailability is a term often used by vitamin and pharmaceutical companies. It refers to the amount of active ingredient that reaches the bloodstream and the amount that actually has health enhancing effects. Our proprietary nano-technology process reduces Hemp particle size so that the molecules can be absorbed quicker and more efficiently through your bloodstream. We are applying Pharmaceutical level technologies, so that we can deliver the most efficacious product to the public. This extra step we take will ensure you receive the maximum health benefits of Hemp.

water soluble

Hemp is naturally not water soluble, which means it does not want to dissolve in your body. Research has shown that as much as 95% of Hemp is not absorbed by your body’s bloodstream. Plainly – ordinary Hemp products are a waste if you are not ingesting it in a water soluble form. Big Foot Technology, however, transforms ordinary Hemp into a water soluble form, so that your body can absorb the full benefit of the Hemp. There is no waste, which you feel.

precise dosing

Lack of quality and inconsistency starts with substandard dosing. This industry is plagued by that. At Big Foot, we don’t just pride ourselves on the science behind our products. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our products are true to the label. If what we produce says 1000mg on the label, then it contains 1000mg. We are working tirelessly at eliminating the “Wild Wild West” culture in the industry and undoing the negative stigma held by consumers who have tried Hemp products that don’t work. After a decade of development, our proprietary dosing technology ensures consumers know exactly what they are ingesting each and every time. That is consistency you can trust time in and time out.