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Bioavailability - Water Soluble - Precise Dosing

These terms are thrown around a lot by companies within the industry as buzz words, but we take them seriously. When these 3 are combined properly, they produce highly efficacious Hemp products that consumers can actually feel. Our proprietary patented technologies allow consumers to absorb the full benefits of hemp in precise doses. We stand by our ever expanding line of products and will gladly test ours against any other product on the market. Try them for yourself.

Hemp is naturally not water soluble, which means it does not want to dissolve in your body. Research has shown that as much as 95% of Hemp is not absorbed by your body’s bloodstream. Plainly – ordinary Hemp products are a waste if you are not ingesting it in a water soluble form. Big Foot Technology, however, transforms ordinary Hemp into a water soluble form, so that your body can absorb the full benefit of the Hemp. There is no waste, which you feel.

Big Foot TechnologyTM is our revolutionary delivery printing technology that allows for Hemp products to be printed along with other flavor and active ingredients on surfaces in precise doses. How it works? Microcapsules containing the precise amount of ingredients are adhered on surfaces like gum, cookies, chocolate bars and drinking vessels. With the simple addition of water, the printed microcapsules activate releasing the ingredients. This is the cornerstone of our Big Foot Technology repertoire and the backbone to all of the products we offer.